Atelier Session.

Named after the French word for workshop or store

Atelier Session

At Your Prefered Location

These images are not simply taken.

Named after the French word for workshop or store, these images are not simply taken; they are crafted using the professional support lighting we bring to the location. There is nothing incidental about the process. It has a constructionist nature. The environmental image is intentionally staged to tell an authentic story that invokes feeling and provides visual, social, and honest historical context. The professional, worker, or business owner gives life to the photograph, leaving a slight separation between the person and the back- ground. Atelier portraits encourage curiosity about people and the places where they work. They create a visual narrative that stirs the viewer’s emotions.

– Investment



  • 5 Images



  • 10 Images

Indoor/Outdoor, Change of Outfits


  • 20 Images
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