Forever Fifteen.

not quite an adult, but you’re not a kid anymore either.

– Forever Fifteen

Time Flies

Fifteen years is a milestone for teenagers that parents and loved ones owe it to themselves to document. Your son’s or daughter’s facial features and appearance change after this age. They are leaving behind the appearance of early adolescence but have not fully developed the facial characteristics that will define them as adults. Often, the look of a 16-year-old will be similar to that of their senior portrait.


Unique hobbies, like skateboarding, surfing, or gymnastics, that your teenager enjoys or the goofy hairstyle they swear is cool when they are 15 will only be around for a short time.

Capture these special moments in time before life happens, and they disappear forever.

Singular Session

Most parents have images of their children as infants and toddlers and at graduation. Our Forever 15 Session lets you capture the singular moment in time when your son’s or daughter’s face reflects the precious child that they were while giving a glimpse into the awesome adult they will become. It’s an image that will be cherished for a lifetime.

My Thoughts Process

Of all the photographs ever taken of me, the one my mother cherished the most was an image a writer/photographer friend of the family insisted on taking with his Hasselblad camera when I was 15.

– Investment

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