Four Styles.

– Four Styles for Photography

– Four Styles

Photography style is a unique vision captured through lens, expressing artistic aesthetics.


Typically involves classic and time-tested techniques, often adhering to established compositional rules, lighting principles, and subject matter. It may encompass genres such as portrait, landscape, and still life, and often focuses on capturing the subject matter in a straightforward and natural manner.
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Think of the unplanned shot of the bride and groom smiling at each other, children playing near a fire hydrant, or a businessman looking at his cell phone.
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Involves creating visually powerful and impactful images that evoke strong emotions and convey a sense of intensity. This style often employs bold and dynamic elements, such as dramatic lighting, high contrast, strong shadows, and vivid colors to create a sense of drama and tension in the images.
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Think highly stylized and digitally edited photographs, as you might see in some advertisements and on social media sites like Instagram.
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