Metier Session.

– A More Formal Image

The Metier Session

At Mulberry 323 Studio

Icon image that makes use for the Rembrandt Lighting.

Generally, a more formal image, our in-studio portraits consist of an icon image that makes use of Rembrandt lighting. They can be editorial in nature, making you stand out. We shoot these in front of handprinted canvas and muslin backgrounds that have become a rarity in the last few decades. These images are great for developing your brand or for use on social media as headshots that meet stringent platform guidelines and exude professionalism. Color backgrounds highlight the best of who you are and are sure to get you noticed on LinkedIn or other professional bios.

– Investment



  • 5 Images

Multiple Backgrounds


  • 10 Images

Multiple Backgrounds & Outfits


  • 10-15 Image
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