Our Team.

– The people behind the camera

– imagery by pd is a division of Productions design

Imagery by PD is an integral division within the versatile design agency, Productions Design. Productions Design, a dynamic agency renowned for its expertise in creating exceptional websites, crafting compelling advertising campaigns, managing an impactful social media presence, and elevating brand identities and recognition. Productions Design collaboratively engages with Imagery by PD to deliver an extensive array of visual content, including captivating video shoots, skillfully composed portraits, breathtaking landscapes, and visually striking website images. This synergy between Productions Design and Imagery by PD ensures that clients receive a comprehensive and cohesive visual experience, all under the expert umbrella of Productions Design.”

We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.

– Ralph Hattersley

Jason Barnes

Photographer / Owner

Nathan Gueffier

Studio Coordinator

Wesley Cazales

Videographer / Drone Photographer

Ethan McInstosh

Studio Manager

Jenna Barnes

Stylist Assitante

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