Senior Forever.

more than a graduation as an achievement and major milestone.

– Senior Forever

Celebrate their achievements while setting a positive tone for the future.

My approach to high school senior photos celebrates more than a graduation as an achievement and major milestone. Swap the formality of senior photos for modern senior portraits that use light, editing, and positioning. Create images that artistically capture your look and personality. Even a decade or two from now, they will be portraits your family will be proud to dis- play. These are evergreen images that commemorate you as a person and not just your accomplishments.

You have worked hard to get to graduation. The Forever High School Senior Session is a great way to celebrate their achievements while setting a positive tone for the future. Looking back on senior photos will allow you and those close to you to remember this special moment forever.

When Should I Schedule My Session ?

Schedule your session 2 to 3 months before your desired date. On rare occasions, last-minute cancellations may let us get you in sooner than expected. Think about the month or season you want as the backdrop for your images. Choosing the spring or summer before your senior year means that you get your photos done early, and you can take advantage of beautiful greenery and flowers. Fall and winter let you choose from warm color tones or the winter wonderland of snow-filled landscapes. Our modern, comfortable photo studio in Mulberry pro- vides a controlled environment, letting you take indoor senior photos all year round. Senior sessions can be scheduled months in advance.

Arrive at your session at least 20 minutes early for the best experience.

What Should I Bring ?

At our newly opened Mulberry 323 Studio, you will find lights, props, and backdrops to make your session memorable. However, there are a few personalized touches you can add if you desire.

Before the day of the session, get a haircut, manicure, and other touchups done. Think about the style you’re after and the elements needed to bring it together. The more clothing options you bring, the more style flexibility you will have.

– The Photographer’s Recommendation

“Takes at least 3 head to toe looks”

One That Please Your Parents

This is the image they will still be showing off 20 years from now. Classic accessories, a crisp shirt, jeans, and attractive shoes can make a timeless look.

One That Showcases Your Activities

This image would include objects that define you at your core, not just an activity you currently enjoy. Think instruments, your favorite sweater, and other objects that show off your unique personality, characteristics, and personal interests.

One That Highlights What You Are

This image reflects who you are during this phase of your life. Bring objects that show your enthusiasm for dance, your football team, your debate team, etc.

– Investment

Studio 323


  • 5 Images
  • 1 Location

Studio & Environmental


  • 10 Images
  • 1 Location

Studio & Environmental x2 Locations


  • 20 Images
  • 2 Locations
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