The Berries.

– The Berries Fine Art Wall Portrait Session

Immortalize Your Journey with Fine Art Portraiture

The Berries Signature Series is not just a portrait, it’s a story—a remarkable image experience that captures your unique personality and journey. Inspired by the slang expressive 1920s “something wonderful”, our portraits promise to serve as beautiful reminders of your essence, gracing your walls and hearts for a lifetime.

In this digital age, “The Berries” offers a tangible experience. No longer will your cherished memories be hidden away on a phone or computer screen. They come to life in an impressively large wall portrait or a three-image configuration, with an optional portrait book of the session.

Our expert team simplifies the portrait decision-making process for you. Your session investment qualifies you for a wall portrait. We provide images involving digital comps, enabling you to preview your portrait before its final creation. Our commitment to creating gallery-worthy images sets us apart, with photographer J.W. Barnes bringing over 35 years of experience to the lens.

Sessions are held at our scenic 323 studio in Mulberry, Arkansas, a destination rich in history and natural beauty. Please note, that due to limited availability, sessions are granted by application only. Whether you’re a lover of art, photography, family, or history, or seeking to create a lasting legacy, “The Berries” is for you. It’s designed to captivate and inspire, adding a touch of elegance to any space.

Capture Your Pivotal Moments with “The Berries”

Youthful age of fifteen

Transition before or after college

Building of your first home

Inception in your carrer

How are these Images Different ?

Our fine art photography seamlessly integrates the seven basic elements of line, shape, form, texture, color, size, and depth. Each portrait is a testament to this intricate blend of elements, ensuring an impactful and visually appealing representation of your story.

Why a Wall Portrait ?

Investing in a wall portrait can add a personalized and aesthetically pleasing touch to your living or working space. These portraits capture special moments, providing a constant reminder of cherished memories and serving as a form of artistic expression. The permanence of a wall portrait distinguishes it from digital images, making it a lasting part of your decor. Additionally, it can be a thoughtful gift for special occasions, showcasing effort and consideration. Supporting professional photographers and artists, the customization options available, and the long-lasting quality of high-quality prints further contribute to the appeal of owning a wall portrait. Overall, it becomes a meaningful and visually captivating addition to your environment, serving as both decoration and a conversation starter.

– The Berries

My Thought Process

Images with dramatic lighting are the ones that make you stop and take notice. Lifestyle portraits show the everyday nuances of life and draw the viewer in, making them feel part of the scenario.

– Investment

The Berries

Legacy Investement

  • Choose between One 40 x 60 wall portrait or a three-wall portrait configuration
  • 1 Session Album with 10 images and Life Story pages
  • Low-res Social Share Images with watermark sold separately
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