The Photographer’s Session

– Named after my second studio

– The Photographer’s Session

I aim to craft something that immediately grabs the viewer’s attention.

This is named after my second studio, home to influential photographers for over a century. I employ a stylistic approach that relies heavily on lighting, composition, and color to capture compelling images of you. Far from being a cookie-cutter photography session, I aim to craft something that immediately grabs the viewer’s attention and is distinguished for being visually pleasing.

This is a session in the same spirit as our Atelier Session. During our sitting, I will record images of you, your hobbies, and things that are dear to you or define you. Whether you are a physician, musician, biker, restaurant owner, property owner, fisherman, or model starship enthusiast, I will arrange the visual elements in your environment to bring out the best in you while telling your unique story.


This is our most advanced environmental session portrait package shot as dramatic or lifestyle photography. I look forward to spending time with you, creating beautiful, modern, relaxed images. Before the camera starts shoot- ing, I like to familiarize myself with you and your environment, ensuring that the portraits we will create match your style and suit your needs.


We go to where you are. Sessions last 2 to 3 hours, including style consultations, outfit changes, lighting adjustments, and staging. Sessions are not rushed and
could include posed and candid approaches. I bring a dramatic and fresh outlook to each session that combines the technical experience, vision, and creativity needed for your unique environment.


The viewing allows us to enjoy the fruits of the time we’ve invested in capturing memories. I will select the best images from your shoot, approximately 45 in total. You will receive a password-secured link to an online gallery available for 7 days that you can use to relive the joy of the shoot and choose which photos you would like to order.

– Photographer’s Session

My Thought Process

I will give directions to ensure you are captured in the most flattering light. Neutral density filters and fill flash photo assistants allow us to take high-quality, con- trolled-lit images with effects that can’t be replicated in post-production.

– Investment

The Photographer’s Session


  • 5 Images
  • Multiple Location
  • Multiple Outfits

The Photographer’s Session


  • 10 Images
  • Multiple Location 
  • Multiple Outfits 

The Photographer’s Session


  • 20 Images
  • Multiple Location
  • Multiple Outfits
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