Why Wall Portraiture? 

We are exposed to more images in history, but few are worthy to grace a wall. A fine art wall portrait is more than just a picture; it’s a window to a moment, a story waiting to be told.

Visit the Skokos Aeridalle Gallery in the Southern Lobby During Intermission and after the play to view portraits of The Outsiders Cast.

Fine art wall portraiture serves as a daily inspiration, reminding you and your loved ones of the connections you share. In today’s digital age, where memories often remain hidden in devices, a tangible image, a  portrait on a wall ensures that these moments are always in view, prompting reflection, conversation, and appreciation. Having an image that makes you pause for a time. Having a wall portrait brings a piece of our personal narrative to life, turning our homes and offices into a sanctuary of our unique journey. ………and fifty years from now leaves a gift behind for a generation who wants to remember us.

Bring your walls to life with the art of memory. Imagery by PD – Where every portrait is a piece of or our art and your heart.

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